Join TC De Burght

Do you want to play tennis in Maastricht? Why not join TC De Burght?

What TC De Burght can offer:

- Nine excellent gravel courts, open from mid-March (if the weather conditions allow) until it starts freezing (November-December);

- Because we have so many courts, you’d hardly ever have to wait for a free court to play;

- The clubhouse is open daily between April – October from 10.00 hrs.

- Members of TC De Burght can play in the official Dutch tennis competition and our local TC De Burght events;

- Join us for the Ladies Morning, Men’s Evening, Ladies Night;

- A large youth section which organises many events for kids;

- A safe environment for kids;

- A dedicated training staff;

- Special rates for students and families;

- International students can also join us for the period April – June.

Interested? Why not join us! Please fill in this form. For more information please email: [email protected]

TC De Burght also offers the possibility for non-members to rent a court.

- you can use the court for at least one hour;

- at busy times the court can be allocated to other players after the first hour;

- max. three times per season per person;

- only if courts are available, because members have priority; 

- only after reservation: please call +31 43 361 4188 or email to [email protected] 

Please note: if you do not wish to continue your membership, please inform us about this before December 31 via email: [email protected]l If you decide to terminate your membership after December 31, TC De Burght is entitled to at least charge a 25 euros administrative fee.